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Random Walking Fluffster's Brain
Writing Prompts? And StoryBundle has a 2017 NanoTools bundle 
24th-Oct-2017 02:45 pm
Pithani the Librarian Mouse
Hey everyone, I'll be off the net for a bit today, unless the horrible wifi signal has improved in the past month), and have some time without specific tasks. So, would anyone like to suggest some writing prompts? Stuff for my existing settings, Qs for characters, random prompts, demifiction ideas, whatever...

For anyone planning to do NaNoWriMo, the site StoryBundle has a 2017 Nano Tools bundle. I'm still debating whether to pick it up but I've liked the contents of some of the past year's nano bundles. This year the book on writing injuries is looking the most enticing to me, but there are also books on Excel for writers, story structure, scrivenor, etc. Not an affiliate link, I don't get anything if you buy, but I did think some of you might be interested.

Speaking of that, there's still about a week left to pick up the SFWA Fantasy bundle. Multiple books in it look good and I'm only somewhat biased in recommending it (I've read a little of Rowyn's The Moon Etherium (you might already know Rowyn from A Rational Arrangement or from right here on Dreamwidth) and I'm looking forward to sometime soon sitting down and completing it).

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