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Random Walking Fluffster's Brain
Potential plotline prompts legal question 
24th-Apr-2017 02:55 pm
Writing, Fennec
Today in worldbuilding Fluff gets to ponder immigration law. Given this takes place in a country on a portal reached techofantasy world I could make up just about any answer. But, given:
*character arrived in country while high school aged because father's employer asked them to transfer there
*neither parent nor child became citizens of the other country
*its been a few years since the move and the son just started attending a local college

What happens if the father gets upset enough to disown the son and kicks him out of the house?

So I get to figure out whether the son was on the father's visa (some Googling suggests that's how it would work for people heading to the US) or required to have a separate one, what the country's view is on the disowning&kicking out, and what the implications of that are.

Whee. Worldbuilding is fun. Especially when you don't have to worry about someone pointing to a source you never saw that shows you got something wrong.

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24th-Apr-2017 11:57 pm (UTC)
If he entered as a dependent of the father and is still legally a minor, could the father be required to support him as the separation is not voluntary on the minor's part?
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