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Random Walking Fluffster's Brain
Airbags, not just a good idea, a GREAT idea 
23rd-Oct-2016 11:17 pm
Pithani the Librarian Mouse
Copying this from elsewhere because typing with 1.75 hands is so much fun (I get to wear a so fashionable thumb & wrist splint until told otherwise)...

So Friday morning about two miles from home the light turned green and those of us at the front of the lanes started forward. Next thing I know I see a pickup truck directly in front of me, then... well it was amazingly like a recent ad on TV that involved a collision. A sudden thud-crunch sound, a moment of disorientation, and suddenly there's a burnt smell in the air and the music on the radio has given way to the car announcing that it is attempting to dial 911. I can't see much because the slowly deflating steering wheel and side curtain airbags are blocking my view -- and my glasses have ended up neatly folded in the toe space of the passenger side rather than being on my nose. It all happened way to fast to be scared. Startled yes, then shocked, and then the police and paramedics were there bringing order to the chaos.

I came out of it in amazingly good condition. I and the driver of the car next to me (also hit by the red light runner) were able to get out of our cars on our own. The guy who ran the light was as well enough to exit his car without assistance too, and compound his troubles by trying to run from the scene (right towards the police offices down the same block -- oops). My poor car is probably done for and it wasn't even paid off yet (but thankfully up to date on the insurance) but with air bag deployment and crumpled front, probably some engine damage... looks like car shopping time again. I'd hoped to keep this car for the rest of the decade and enjoy having a paid off car.

I sure hope your weekends have been far less exciting.

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24th-Oct-2016 01:15 pm (UTC)
Much less exciting, thank God. I'm so glad you weren't seriously injured!!
29th-Oct-2016 01:12 am (UTC)
Goodness! Glad to hear you escaped without too serious of injuries.
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