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Short-Fic: Unexpected Baby 
17th-Aug-2015 11:56 pm
Writing, Fennec
Unexpected Baby
Fandom/'verse: Unnamed Colony, Pre-Western Civil War
Summary: Jayce from Family Politics and a few other short pieces, a few months later (ack! Old writing! Must resist urge to shred and rewrite!)
Prompter: [personal profile] aldersprig
Triggers/Warnings: MC has a slave, mention of spanking and implications worse has happened to others
Note: Overdue entry for Trope Bingo 2015 trope Accidental Baby Acquisition (Considering they're now taking entries for the next round of Trope Bingo it's way overdue). Came out longer than I expected.
Words: Thousandish words

Jayce closed his eyes and sighed. When he opened his eyes nothing had changed. It never worked even if he'd really hoped wishing would work this time. Giving up he called his Aunt Gladys's extension and watched the little candy striped disc spin while he waited for an answer.

Earlier at mid-day...

Great Aunt Gladys called him into her office then left him standing by her desk while she continued to sift through paper and computerized reports. When she finally waved towards the chair in front of her desk and invited him to sit the clock his augments kept in the corner of his vision said more than a quarter hour had passed.

"I'm sure you will be pleased to know that I have passed along a favorable review. Aside from a few incidents that have not been repeated you have done well in putting the past unpleasantness behind you. Your studies have improved, you've made yourself useful in our part of the Resettlement and Rebuilding project, and resolved my doubts about your ability to keep that pet of yours in good discipline. This morning the Chairman agreed and approved removing the last of your probationary restrictions. Welcome back Jayce."

"Thank you ma'am."

"Now now, I just said those restrictions were gone, we're family again. Call me Aunt, leave the ma'ams and Director Patils for the rank and file."

Jayce finally managed to relax. Not everyone who had these meetings had walked out of them with a smile. Or walked out of them in some cases.

"Yes, Aunt Gladys."

"I have a few projects in mind that you could help with now. But that's not for today, today is Vice Chair Clarissa's dinner party. I would like for you to attend it. If you would meet me here again in two hours we can make sure you are seen by the right people."

"Of course Aunt Gladys." It wasn't at all what he'd planned to do that day but it was a greater opportunity than he'd expected so soon.

That evening after the party.

Turning down the hall towards his suite Jayce yawned and stretched. The party had been quiet even by the standard of the stories he'd heard about Vice Chair Clarissa's parties. But just as Great Aunt Gladys had said it had been a good opportunity to show off his newly returned acceptable status and start relearning the relationships and politics of the main branch Family. But now all he wanted was a shower, maybe some reading, and then bed.

He just hoped Izzy was done sulking about getting spanked. If he didn't want to feel a belt for the first time he shouldn't have grumbled about Family elders where others could hear, even if it had only been another slave and even if he'd only been repeating what Jayce had said. Unlike Izzy he had grumbled in his own rooms when there wasn't anyone around to hear it. Honestly he'd though the boy was smarter than that.

"No, come on no crying, please no crying. Look a bouncy toy. Bouncy toys are fun, right?"

"What..." Jayce couldn't remember later which he'd noticed first. Izzy's pleading or the soft crying from the basket the boy was waving a toy over. "Izzy? I don't know what you were thinking but we're taking that child right back where you found them."

But he quickly started reconsidering what happened as he looked around the room. A basket and big satchel on the bed and a few boxes and unassembled furniture up against the walls. Just as quickly Izzy dropped the toy and all but threw himself at Jayce's feet.

"Didn't steal her, promise I didn't Master, was already here when I got back from house chores!"

"Get up, obviously there's been a mistake. Get up and help me get the kid back where they belong."

Looking back to the basket he brough up his augment's virtual tag mode. Faintly glowing boxes sprung up around the room but he ignored all but the one floating over the basket. As the text snapped into focus two lines grabbed his attention.

Name/Family: Lorelei Fontaine / Burns
Guardian: Jayce Notaro / Burns

"What? What!" He ignored Izzy's confused reply and grabbed his phone before closing his eyes and wishing very hard that everything would be back to normal when he opened them again.

Back at the present moment

Even though he'd dialed Aunt Gladys's personal number the call was answered by her secretary.

"Jay? It's getting late and we're trying to finish up. Can you send mail instead?"

"Just one question. No two questions." He pointed the phone's camera at his bed, "Why have I found a baby in my bed and, I'm pretty sure this is more important, why am I listed as her guardian?"

"A moment please." The screen dropped to a hold message and continued long enough for him to consider simply picking up the basket and marching over to his aunt's rooms. When the screen came up again his aunt had taken her secretary's place. "Lorelei's there already?"

"Yes Aunt Gladys, and if you know who she is already why didn't you say anything earlier?"

"I didn't expect Reginald to give his approval this quickly, he must have had her sent over. I expected to talk with you about it tomorrow." The surprise quickly fell from her face to be replaced with a smile. "This would be one of the projects I spoke of earlier. Lorelei's parents did not choose their actions as wisely as you have. But as disappointed as the Chairman is with what they've forced him to do he sees no reason not to extend to Lori the mercy her parents refused. We simply needed to find someone suitable to care for her and I put forward your name."

"But I don't know anything about taking care of a baby!"

"Nonsense. That's what family is for, to turn to for help. You are going to help Lorelei aren't you?"

"There's no closer family to raise her?" He glanced back towards the basket and sighed again. "If there was I don't suppose she would be here now."

"You will do fine. You have done an acceptable job raising that pet even if you do cosset him. His mother may have handled the first few years but the records show he was quite young when you claimed him as part of your inheritance. Now then, unless you have questions that cannot wait I believe we will discuss this further in the morning." Great Aunt Gladys's stare suggested he'd better be able to wait to ask the questions that remained.

"In the morning then Aunt Gladys. Good night."

With that dismissal he didn't have much choice. Ruffling Izzy's hair he leaned over to look at Lorelei. "Well, hello. I'm Jayce. I guess we'll be getting to know each other."

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