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Random Walking Fluffster's Brain
Unused Trope Bingo Card Revival Prompt Call 
26th-Jul-2015 07:15 pm
Writing, Fennec
Way back in January I picked up a Trope Bingo card with high hopes of going on a flash writing spree... Then promptly wrote to anything but those bingo prompts. Oops. I'm pretty sure I'm past the entry period now but I'm not going to let that card go to waste... So it's the Unused Trope Bingo Card Revival Prompt Call!

The process is simple, below is a bingo card. Look over the squares and for a trope that catches your interest. Reply to the original post here on Dreamwidth or the crosspost on LiveJournal with a prompt involving that trope. Prompts can be fanfic for things I've shown an interest in, go with settings or stories I've previously posted, or stand on their own. I will then write at least 100 words towards the prompt. If I complete a row or column we all get to share a cheer. If the whole card is completed we get to share a bonus cheer.

Key for card indications: When I receive a prompt I will put the used trope in brackets (you can still prompt on it, but unprompted squares will get the writing time priority). If a square gets more than one prompt I will italicize that square's text. If for some reason I decide to stop taking prompts to a square I will set the text to be crossed out. When I write a response to a prompt I will put a link to the response in the square. I reserve the right to reject a prompt if I find that it is something that bothers me (never needed to do this so far -- that is not a challenge).

New: I haven't done this before but unexpected car expenses are unexpected and annoying... If you would like to see a response to a prompt continued I may be willing to trade words of your own writing or $5/300 words. That said, if you want to help out with car expenses do check out Lucy Weaver's July Prompt Call, as I highly suspect wheel baring repairs cost more than a new set of cheap tires. If you do paid prompt for Weaver I will offer an additional 100 words towards a prompt you give me.

mistletoe kiss slavefic au: historical [accidental baby acquisition] au: apocalypse
amnesia au: cop/detective au: were/vamp/supernatural snowed in road trip
au: all-human day at the beach WILD CARD au: college/highschool wingfic
de-aged food porn huddle for warmth secret twin/doppelganger fake relationship
au: space mind control animal transformation handcuffed/bound together au: steampunk

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