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Random Walking Fluffster's Brain
Second Exploration of the Super School 
9th-Mar-2015 02:24 am
Writing, Fennec
Supers School, Second exploratory writing
Fandom/'verse: A school for people with super powers
Summary: Exploring a potential setting by writing a bit to it. Enter Rae, and return of Margarete.
Prompter: See above
Triggers/Warnings: Some fighting, grumpiness about family
Note: Editing, what's that? Exploring a setting and characters. Fizzles out at the end
Words: 1650 words

The beginning of the prior school year

Rae's old school hadn't had anything like the common room of Ocotillo Hall. It was like a laid back version of the library study rooms. Or maybe if you brought the cafeteria's outdoor seating indoors. A few tables were pushed over to the walls allowing for a wobbly loop of chairs to circle much of the space. Finally a girl with the tips of her hair dyed red stepped out into the circle. Rae recognized her from moving in the evening before, Margaret had been running back and forth half the time with a younger girl towed behind her with a stunned expression.

"Gather around newbies! It's time to start Ocotillo Hall's annual hazing ritual!"

"Margarete!" A short black haired boy stared at her from across the room. "Ixnay."

"Just a little hazing? Fine. Since Derek is being a spoilsport we can just go straight to introductions before we raid the food tables. Who wants to start?"

"You do!" Called out Derek once more. Margarete smiled over to him and spun about once.

"The name of the game newbies is Elevator Speech. Whatever name you want us to call you, a power, your favorite hobby, your Achilles Heel, just keep it short we're hungry. I'm Margarete Marsh, I make physics cry, I hate that someone already grabbed the codename Inertia, and I'm hungry. Now you."

The boy she'd pointed to seemed to shrink back when everyone turned to him, but recovered quickly. "Rick Nichols, I can do this," he opened his mouth and let out a shrill chirp, "and I'm really glad my mother refused to name me Nicholas like my sister..."

Rae laughed then cringed when she counted how few seats lay between her and Rick. Only three more and it would be her turn.

Three turns passed faster than she expected.

"I'm Rae Paxson and..."

Two years prior to the current school year

She'd finished her glass of grape juice not thirty seconds before the picnic table shattered and the glass fell into her lap. Dodging energy bolts with a chicken leg clutched in her mouth wasn't too hard. Keeping it from dropping when the Iron Viper's enforcer's dropped from overhead was a bit harder.

Our family reunions are cursed. That's the only explanation. Cursed. Other families don't have to put up with this. Not every. Damn. Year!

She lost the chicken leg when she rolled to the side escaping an electrified capture net. A quick leap and tackle took down the enforcer who'd fired it, a final flip dropping him on the net just in time to catch the final jolt.

A quick look around and she saw another enforcer about to shoot her cousin Flashover Frank in the back. Her kick took his knees out right as Frank's plasma ball splashed the enforcer in his helmet. With her cousin keeping watch she shackled the downed enforcer with his own set of handcuffs.

"Hurry on to the shelter Rae, the rest of us can-- crap, gotta go!"

She didn't look to see where his leap took him, instead scanning the area around her. "Yeah. You're welcome too.

Scurrying towards cover seemed like a good idea until she had to jump back at the last moment to avoid a blast cannon strike.

"Foul thug! You'll not try that twice!"

Rae was pretty sure there was more ranting from her aunt after that but she was a little busy realizing she'd leapt right back against someone else's back. She avoided the elbow jab on pure instinct and turned it into another throw. The triple jab to his kidney's was more frantic desperation than instinct. Even with his body armor that was enough to let her gain control of the hand that he was holding his shock baton with. After a few more blows she was cuffing that enforcer as well.

Not but ten feet over another enforcer was frantically swinging his shock baton against a scarlet blur that had to be her aunt Hilda the Scarlet Dancer. Sparks flew as the baton was blocked by her aunt's armored gauntlets and even once by a boot. More sparks came from the shattered remains of the blast cannon that dangled from its support pack on the enforcer's back. Seeing him stumble when he almost stepped on the top of the cannon gave her a grin as the fight slowly approached her.

That's it, just a little closer, one more step...

Scissoring her legs around his she dropped her third enforcer of the evening. Taken by surprise he had just enough time to yelp as the baton was knocked from his grasp and he landed on the ground already handcuffed.

The blurred form of her aunt snapped into focus when she she crouched down and picked Rae up. "Rae dear, it's not safe for you out here, come, I'll get you to the shelter."

"Happens every year, put my armor on und-- "

The moment her aunt had a good grip the world blurred until she found herself set back on her feet three floors underneath the Paxon family home.

"...underneath my... and she's already left hasn't she."

After a moment one of the staff members in the shelter gave her a slow nod.

"Right. Shelter it is. Hand me one of those stun rifles." Slipping behind the barricade with the others she kept watch on the door. "Next year I'm packing one of these no matter what anyone says."

Beginning of the prior school year. Ocotillo Hall welcoming party.

"I'm Rae Paxson and..."

"Any relation to Patrick Lightwave Paxson?" Asked a girl nearby.

"Yeah, he's my father."

Rick asked, "Can you get me Scarlet's autograph?" Several others repeating the same question about Scarlet, Lightwave, even her younger brother, at least until Margarete stepped in.

"Introductions now, begging later. Rae, I believe it's still your turn."

"Oh, yeah, like I said I'm Rae Paxson and my powers might not be as flashy as my brother or sister's but I've still beaten both their survival times in our danger room on the apocalypse setting." Only by two seconds and only by concentrating on nothing but survival but it wasn't a lie. "Oh, and I like hiking and climbing."

Later as the party wound down Rae found herself helping clean up with Margarete, Vickie, and other residents of her wing of the third floor. The older girl was always joking even as she give directions and didn't seem to dislike anyone not even the boy Derek who had stared down the hazing joke. She wasn't sure whether Margarete was serious when she said Derek was raised by robots but it might explain how odd he was.

Before she knew it they were leaving the others inside while they took a walk. When they were well away from anyone else Margarete looked over, "No powers, right?"

"What? No. Well, pretty much. No flying or blasts or anything. I heal up from things pretty quick, but everything else is hard work and skill."

"You remind me of my cousin Franklin. He's always been in a similar bind. Coming from our family everyone expects him to have some impressive power, but nothing."

"Yeah. It's like everyone thinks they need to wrap you up in padding and hide you away whever anything even might happen. No matter how hard I train, how much I manage... do you know how embarrassing it is to have your little brother telling you to run and hide? It's not like people with powers don't go out and put their lives on the line every day protecting others."

"I take it back, you're not like Franklin after all. His goal in life is to enter the exciting world of accounting. Accounting! Anyway, no reason you can't." Margarete pointed off towards a statue, "Meet Professor Penumbra, he was one of the school's founders and he did just that. He couldn't fly, didn't have super speed, no bolts of power. Just fancy technology back in the days when people were impressed with a collection of toys powered by a battery pack on his belt. Hell, he wasn't even a real professor until he gave in and started teaching in the sixties. If a fake professor can fight crime there's no reason you can't."

Rae opened her mouth only to get cut off, "Of course you should keep in mind the man was only enlightened compared to his own generation. According to the records he reluctantly agreed to allow colored students and foreigners but argued for years that Briarwood shouldn't admit females whether they had powers or not. I'm occasionally tempted to smack his statue around after listening to recordings of his lectures." Margarete gave her a big grin, "yeah, don't try that. Hurts just as much as you'd think it would."

"I think they're starting to come around. Talked them into letting me come here. In theory it's supposed to be for my own safety, same argument I talked them into letting me take martial arts with. But still they agreed."

"That how you pulled off that danger room coup?"

"Actually I'd snuck in... Got grounded for a month, but it was worth it. Not like I ever went out much anyway."

Margarete hmmed, "Is that why I don't remember seeing you for the big West Coast Thanksgiving party when your brother and sister were both there?"

"Just a coincidence really. Hardly ever been to any of those events. To dangerous you know, what if someone attacked, poor little me might get hurt. As if I've ever been hurt at any of our reunions."

Margarete grinned and pulled her into a hug, "Well we'll just have to shock them. I've decided I like you and there's no way I'm letting any of my friends miss anymore parties. Not to worry, we've got all year to prove them wrong."

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